Diatomaceous Earth (also known as silica) is a soft white powder that is formed from fossilized remainders of diatoms. D.E is found underwater in rivers, lakes, oceans and streams and 85%-90% of it is pure Silica, which is a vital mineral that is crucial to healthy hair, skin, bones and nails. D.E is known to have plenty of beneficial qualities and here are some that may also strike as unusual benefits.

1. Kitchen Deodorizer

Refrigerators have many foods and drink items that are kept inside for days and sometimes month, which leave smells of different kinds that all combine to make an awful odor every time someone has to open the fridge. Placing a small container of D.E inside the fridge or even the freezer if necessary, can lessen or remove horrid smells. See: https://silalive.com/silica.php

2. Toothpaste

D.E is a natural substitute to commercial toothpastes. It controls bad breath and has the ability to clean teeth in the most natural manner. Adding flavor to it and sprinkling some D.E powder on a toothbrush is the new way to brush teeth.

3. Home Pest Control

Pests include things such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, and also bedbugs.  Sprinkling some D.E over the bed will kill all bedbugs and any other kind of bugs around the area and will also eliminate their eggs. Sprinkle just about anywhere these creepy crawlies are residing; cabinets, bathrooms, windowsills, kitchen floors and counters and other common areas of the house. (1)