The University of Utah Colors

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The University of Utah is a public research university located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is the flagship of the Utah System of Higher Education.

The University of Utah Colors can be found on any school’s athletic uniforms. You can even order them as t-shirts.

It’s hard to go wrong with the Utah Colors!

The Primary and Secondary Brand Colors of The University of Utah

Among the primary brand colors used by colleges and universities, The University of Utah uses Red and Green. In addition, it also encourages the use of PMS 185.

These colors are used extensively in printed materials, including advertisements and brochures. Listed below are some other secondary brand colors commonly used by colleges and universities.

All of them are suitable for use in print and online materials. Here are some of the reasons why you should use them:

University of Utah Red

The University of Utah uses two primary colors for its brand identity. University red and gray are the primary brand colors.

University black and gray are secondary brand colors. The University’s seal is reserved for official use.

The university has a branding and design guidelines hub, which provides guidance for creating and modifying content for different purposes.

Here is a breakdown of the colors used by the University. They can be used for various purposes, from web design to print advertising.

UThe niversity of Utah Red is Pantone(r) 185 when printed as spot color, or a custom U mix when screen-printed.

University red is sometimes created by screen-tinting red ink pink, which turns the color red. Secondary brand colors complement and amplify the primary colors, and complement them.

They should never be used alone, or create confusion with the school’s other regional school colors.

The CMYK, RGB, and HEX versions of each brand color can be used to match the primary color of a product.

However, if you’re planning to print only one color, the university recommends Smoky Mountain Gray.

This gray shade will complement red and other primary brand colors. The University’s logo is red. As you know, primary color should drive most of their marketing materials.

The secondary color is orange.

William & Mary Green

While attending William & Mary, I was fascinated by its distinctive green and gold colors. I hoped that the University of Utah would adopt a similar color scheme.

I also admired its tradition of preserving the rich history of the College. But the green color of the College was too dated for me.

I didn’t like it much, but I eventually came to love it. I grew up around the color green.


You might be wondering how the colors were chosen for most brands as big as a university or a college.

The stories can vary a bit but the theme around the history of the city, the proprietors, and some group of persons making the choices are possible ideas.

How did your school get its brand colors? Is it by votes or drawing lots? Whatever, you may end up loving your institution’s colors, designs, and logos

The University of Utah Colors
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