The R-18 Tag is Mandatory in a School Paizuri is Required

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The R-18 tag is mandatory in a school where paizuri is required. In this article, you will learn what the consequences of being assigned an R-18 tag are.

You will be forced into an incredibly secluded dormitory, and be assigned a task – watching over demons.

If this sounds like a nightmare scenario, it probably is. In the end, however, this is an extreme case.

R-18 Tag is Mandatory in a School Where Paizuri is Required

Paizuri was pushed into a special dormitory

The yuki-onna guy accidentally moved into the school’s special dorms, which were designed to accommodate a hopeless angel, a useless demon, and a witch with a love drug.

This put the yuki-onna guy in charge of keeping an eye on all of these cute but inept demons.

Paizuri was assigned as an assistant to watch over the demons

The ponkotsu demons were cute and affectionate, but very useless. They were used as a form of punishment for the schoolgirls and paizuri was assigned to rehabilitate them.

This episode was one of his best, as it portrayed the demons as lovable, but also unusable. He rehabilitated them as much as he could by teaching them what to do and what to avoid.

The R-18 Tag is Mandatory in a School Paizuri is Required
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