How to Stop Vandalism in School Bathrooms


To prevent vandalism in school bathrooms, implement certain strategies that can deter kids from doing something nasty.

These include installing Labyrinth entrances, using Graffiti-resistant materials, and ensuring that restroom floors are durable.

If you have a high risk for vandalism, consider installing waterless or no-water urinals.

Read on for more information. This article also covers some practical tips for schools that want to reduce the damage vandals can cause.

How to Stop Vandalism of School Property, Bathroom Entrances

Labyrinth entrances reduce vandalism

A labyrinth entrance to school bathrooms has many benefits. The labyrinth eliminates the sense of privacy and safety that many vandals enjoy.

It also allows people to hear the sounds of vandalism in progress.

A labyrinth entry also makes bathrooms more germ-free by eliminating doors to the bathroom. This article will discuss the advantages of labyrinth entrances for school bathrooms.

A labyrinth entrance can improve the safety of a school bathroom. This design can provide additional privacy, prevent vandalism and preserve hygiene.

The labyrinth entrance also allows sound to escape the bathroom and deters vandals.

Vandals cannot hide from the sounds of graffiti when they can’t see the door from outside.

This is also an easy way to reduce vandalism.

No-water or Waterless Urinals

These urinals are more durable than the traditional kind, preventing vandalism and leaking water.

They also reduce the need to pump water to higher elevations. And because they don’t use water, they don’t have leaks and inoperable urinals.

Those who are concerned about the water costs will like the fact that they use less water than conventional urinals.

Students have suffered from clogged toilets, flooding, and other unsanitary conditions in school bathrooms.

Last year, two separate bathrooms had their urinal partitions torn out. In a separate bathroom, a shooting threat was scrawled on the door.

These vandals will pay the price for their pranks. To reduce the risk of vandalism, school administrators should install waterless or no-water urinals in bathrooms.

Graffiti-resistant materials

School bathroom walls can be protected from vandalism with the use of graffiti-resistant materials.

Fortunately, there are many options available, including a new coating and a better lighting scheme.

These solutions can keep bathrooms safe from vandalism and can help keep them clean and in good working order.

One such option is HDPE-based paint, which is both durable and resistant to graffiti.

Another option for protecting the walls is to install a layer of anti-graffiti film.

This film protects the underlying surface from paint, marker, and etching. It can also be removed and replaced if the graffiti is permanent.

These measures can prevent vandalism and keep school bathrooms safe.

They are also cost-effective. After all, school bathrooms are frequently the targets of vandals, so keeping them clean and safe will make a difference.

The durability of restroom floors

High-density polyethylene is a common choice for bathroom partitions, as it is highly durable and resists scratches, corrosion, and germs.

It is also easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms, community pools, and showers.

A common concern with bathrooms is the lack of proper sanitation, as students will often leave their waste and germs behind.

For this reason, restroom partitions should be designed with durability in mind.

If students are prone to vandalism, durable restroom flooring can deter their intentions.

Heavy-duty flooring can withstand constant use and is virtually impenetrable.

Resin countertops, for example, can withstand intense heat and impact.

And unlike other materials, they can be easily refinished rather than replaced, reducing costs and maintenance requirements.

So, why not choose such a durable bathroom floor for your school?

Bystander Intervention

The consequences of student vandalism in school bathrooms are serious and often financially devastating for schools, communities, and custodians.

It is crucial to take action now to prevent future acts of vandalism.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that bystanders can intervene to prevent future vandalism in school bathrooms.


Taking care of the school bathroom entrances, and the floor littering can be the responsibility of cleaners and the students alike.

Toilet paper towels

This can be a source of litter but you will love it if the school administrators can instill discipline and correct the wrong.

In the end, everyone has to be together to make the dream work. This can be teamwork to avoid defacing the whole school and avoid restroom vandalism.

How to Stop Vandalism in School Bathrooms
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